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Facebook’s New “If I Die” App

“If I Die”, a new app for Facebook, has generated a great deal of media attention lately.

For those of you who have not yet heard of it, “If I Die” allows people who download the app to create their own video or text message that is stored on a secured server until he or she passes away, at which time “If I Die” posts the video or text message to his or her Facebook page. To prevent premature posting to the user’s Facebook profile, “If I Die” requires users to appoint three “trustees” who will be responsible for verifying the user’s death.

By offering people a unique opportunity to send a meaningful final message to the people they leave behind, “If I Die” allows users to put a modern spin on the practice of creating an ethical will, which practice dates back to the biblical era. Throughout history, people

A Gift for the New Year: Transfer on Death Instruments

Starting on January 1, 2012, Illinois property owners have a new option when it comes to transferring their residential real estate on death. Now that the Illinois Residential Real Property Transfer of Death Instrument Act (the “Act”) has been signed into law, Illinois joins several other states, including Missouri and Colorado, that allow some form of transfer on death instrument for real estate.

Tax Return Deadline Pushed Back to April 17

January 4, 2012


The IRS announced today that the deadline for filing 2011 tax returns will be April 17, 2012.  April 15, the normal deadline, falls on a Sunday this year, and Emancipation Day falls on Monday April 16 this year.  Emancipation Day is celebrated in the District of Columbia, and District of Columbia holidays impact tax deadlines in the same manner as federal holidays.

Extended returns will still be due on October 15.

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